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Saturday, June 12, 2021 1:00 am


Stranger's kindnesses warmed ailing teen

Whoever you are, a very warm thank you for your generosity in paying for our meals May 28 at Flat Top Grill in Jefferson Pointe.

My granddaughter, Reagan Marie Dice had/has been facing Ewing sarcoma the past year and a half with many trips and stays to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She had lived in Fort Wayne for 12 years before moving to the Warsaw area.

You touched her heart by saying to her “have a nice evening.”

Flat Top was one of her favorite restaurants here, and then to pay for our meals besides, was such a surprise.

I am forever grateful.

Debi Dice

Fort Wayne

Editor's note: Reagan Marie Dice died at 4:12 a.m. June 3. She was 18 years old.

Offering misdirection over insurrection

Kudos to the folks who've offered fact-based responses to Bruce Heldt's laughably illogical letter of June 4 (“Damage reports reveal who's truly craven”), as egregious an example of insurrection misdirection as the Donald Trump supporters who traffic in cult apologia have concocted.

I have only two things to add.

First, his description of Minneapolis, Portland and Chicago as “once-nice cities” ignores the not-so-nice reality people of color have endured for decades in their everyday encounters with those cities' police forces and power structures.

Second, his calling Nancy Pelosi “'craven” and “childish” for tearing up Trump's lie-laden State of the Union address shows me he has no appreciation for theatrical flourishes, especially surprising given his defense of the anarchic antics of the mob that stormed the Capitol. I thought she exercised admirable restraint under the circumstances.

Bill Forsythe

Fort Wayne

Taking the long view on electronic vehicles

I write to respond to a June 9 letter, in which Siegfried Schauffle points out that although electric cars are without tailpipe emissions, they are not emission-free, as their power comes from electricity generated by fossil fuel.

There are two major reasons electric cars still significantly reduce carbon emissions:

1) A fossil-fuel-powered electric power plant is much more efficient than a car with its portable internal combustion engine – and not by a little. Electric power plants extract more energy from fossil fuels by multiples of the highly inefficient performance of your average vehicle. It is just the nature of an internal combustion engine.

2) As time goes on, electricity will be generated in increasing amounts by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. This will continue to increase as those sources become cheaper and cheaper, as especially solar energy has done and continues to do. So an electric car does now produce significantly less carbon emission than traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles and will continue to get even better as time goes on.

Phil Wright, M.D.


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