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Sunday, June 13, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Young activist sees issue in anti-Asian prejudice

I am an 11-year-old Asian American girl. My mom is Korean and I am half Korean. My mom reads the news a lot and tells me about things that are happening in our country, like anti-Asian American hate.

Since I am half Korean, I do not like how Asians are being treated. They are being treated poorly. For example, older Asian people are being attacked when they did nothing wrong. No one should be treating Asian Americans this way.

People who think that Chinese people are at fault for the COVID-19 pandemic need to open their eyes and figure out that it is no one's fault. If the COVID-19 pandemic had started in the U.S., would Americans blame themselves like they blame the Chinese? Of course not.

People need to stick up for Asian Americans. There are not many who do. Although I am just now starting middle school, I have decided to become an Asian American activist.

Lillian Roberts

Fort Wayne

Insurrectionists more akin to world's terror groups

I just read Bruce Heldt's “Damage reports reveal who's truly craven” (June 4). Heldt is spreading current Republican talking points.

I would certainly be willing to stipulate that his dollar values of the damage in different cities is at or near correct. No problem there. Where the problem really is: Current Republican talking points conflate the racial unrest of the past summer that had nothing to do with overthrowing our democracy with the attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government just because they didn't like the result. Huge difference that's not even in the same ZIP code.

There are plenty of other groups around the world trying to overthrow governments: the Taliban, Boko Haram, Isil and Al-Shabaab, to name just a few. They don't like who's running things and want to use force to install who they want. Sound familiar?

In my opinion, it is much more reasonable to conflate these groups, whoever they may be, with those that want to overthrow our constitutionally elected government.

Webster's defines craven as “cowardly, contemptibly timid.” I can't imagine a more perfect description of the majority of elected state and federal Republicans in the Donald Trump era.

David Williams


Not conceding election smacks of cult behavior

Having just returned from traveling across the country, I observed something I have not seen before.

In previous elections, after a winner was declared and certified, the signs for the loser in the election were taken down. These included signs for losers such as Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, George Bush, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.

I saw many campaign signs of the loser of the 2020 election still standing. To me, this speaks to the loss of a political party to the cult of personality.

The losers are clinging to the remnants of a lost election and refuse to admit they lost. Joe Biden won 51.3% of the popular vote and his opponent won only 46.9%. Biden won 306 electoral votes and his opponent won 232. The voters have spoken. Biden won.

Kathi Weiss

Fort Wayne

Disaster of socialism not worth the vision

I just read in an article that U.S. Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said: “If we want to reduce violent crime, if we want to reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building them. ... The answer is to make sure that we actually build more hospitals, we get people mental health care and overall health care, employment etc.” She is also a proponent of defunding (abolishing?) the police.

All of this sounds great, which is the basis of socialism, and which many in the Democratic Party are striving for. In other words, a utopian society in which “every citizen possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities.”

Throughout history, it has been proven that socialism is a disaster and never works. People are not perfect.

Dwight Johnson

Fort Wayne

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