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Friday, September 17, 2021 1:00 am


Smartphones, internet can aid in salvation

For five years, I have criticized the great invention of the smartphone for killing the world.

Nobody seems to talk directly to anyone anymore.

Most I hear about during my connection to the phones all seems negative. The same with the internet.

Then it hit me: Why couldn't the smartphone and internet save the world before we kill it?

Every day, we can type out a morning, midday and night prayer to our God that is positive in nature about helping all our neighbors like we would like to be helped.

We could try to help just one person in need every day and it would pass on to others.

Let's start today to save the world instead of killing it.

Andy Corraro

Fort Wayne

Banks' detractors offer no better alternative

Hardly a day goes by without a letter painting Rep. Jim Banks as first assistant to the Antichrist, and it's getting tiresome.

Our congressman has won his last two elections with 65% of the vote.

The one third of voters in the 3rd District who didn't vote for him don't just disagree with him on methods; they disagree with him on principle. Should he abandon his principles to satisfy one third of the voters in his district? I think the answer to that is obvious.

Those who hate this good and decent man must either find someone who shares their principles and appeals to the majority of voters in the 3rd District, or sit down and shut up.

Stan Needham

Columbia City

Rep disgraces memory of slain soldiers

I want to address a statement made by Rep. Jim Banks in regard to the bombing deaths and injuries of American military in Kabul.

He laid the blame for the deaths on our president.

He made a point also of stating he is a military veteran.

How can he as a member of the House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Veterans Affairs show such utter disregard for the lives of these military members and their families by politicizing this tragedy? He of all people should know that the blame falls wholly on the persons who detonated the explosives, and he should not be trying to score political “brownie points” with such comments.

Banks as a former military member should also know that if the president were to continue to let our soldiers fight this war for the Afghans that hundreds if possibly not thousands more of our soldiers would die.

The Afghans have demonstrated that they will not stand up and fight for their country against the Taliban and ISIS.

How long does Banks think we should continue this slaughter?

I feel complete despair at these deaths and injuries. I understand that death is a part of war.

Maybe Banks should be the one to try to explain that to the loved ones these deaths have left behind.

I believe the military calls it the “acceptable” number of incidents of war: no names, no faces, just numbers. They don't want us to remember that for many a war is a profitable business.

Diane Hall

Fort Wayne

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