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Thursday, September 30, 2021 1:00 am


Father must bear costs from conception onward

Not only should the biological father's child support begin before the birth, but also much more.

It's not the unborn child's fault if neither of the biological parents want him or her. And since a child is not held legally responsible if he or she causes pain, suffering and financial cost to an adult, those costs are borne by persons responsible for that child. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, the innocent unborn child is in effect a cost to the mother, and the mother must accept half of all the costs of the birth and all support of the child until he/she is adopted or placed in others' care for eventual adoption. The entire other half of all costs must be borne by the biological father.

One half of the mother's lost wages during pregnancy, one half of any costs involved with pregnancy, as well as preparations for and medical support of the birth, one half an amount of payment for pain and suffering borne by the mother, one half of any costs prior to the child's adoption ... all should be assessed against the biological father.

Because the new life is infinitely precious, that debt should have precedent over all other debts, have no expiration and be supported by the full weight of the law, including requiring a DNA sample from a man if he denies paternity. When a man has sex resulting in an unwanted pregnancy, he must accept equal responsibility for all costs, including a significant adjudicated financial amount for the woman's pain and suffering. If the woman must bear the child, the man must bear the cost. Tell me why I am wrong.

Frank Hoffman

Fort Wayne

Great start to festival

A big thank you to the person in front of us who paid for our parking at the Coliseum for the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It really put a good feeling in our hearts. Be assured it will be passed on so others may experience the same.

Tom Squire

Fort Wayne

Case made for vaccines

The Sept. 21 op-ed by Dr. Richard Feldman detailing the millions of lives that have been saved in the United States through the use of vaccines was impressively revealing. It should be required reading for all theanti-vaxxers among us who are slaves to an internet where every nutcase has a voice.

William Dotterweich

Fort Wayne

Unearned death sentence

Perhaps I misunderstood just how the remark in the letter by Darrell Turner of Sept. 21st was written, but just what else would a human female be pregnant with other than a human baby? The comment of “taking an actual or potential (emphasis added) human life” threw me for a loop. What else would a female human be pregnant with ... a parrot, a lion, etc.?

Pro-choice only means that the woman chose to be sexually active. The only crime is that the conception will result in a human infant – nothing else, whether wanted or not. Apparently some women feel that a death sentence for this infant is warranted. Not because of committing an extraordinary crime and earning a death sentence, only by being conceived.

K.V. Kahn

Fort Wayne

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