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Monday, November 22, 2021 1:00 am


Will GOP follow through on objections to bill?

Did any member of our Republican congressional delegation speak in favor of or vote for the otherwise bipartisan infrastructure bill?

Our local Republican Party stalwart Jim Banks has been more than critical about the provision and the scope of this legislation, which provides funds for needed improvements over a span of years.

Knowing that other members of his party reflect his abhorrence for this particular legislation, Banks and his ilk need to put their rhetoric to the test.

In lieu of accepting this tainted money, they and the Republican-controlled state legislature should formally reject all such funds.

If what Banks and others state is correct, then it would be a logical reflection of their political ideals and outspoken opposition even to consider accepting any funding whatsoever. Better to be known as resolute and steadfast to their principles than to consider those improvements and the general well-being of their constituents.

Party loyalty is paramount and excludes any concession to reality. One party, one loyalty, one truth and damn the consequences.

John May

Fort Wayne

Social safety net must be seen as package

Bleeding-heart conservatives who wish to contest social programs should give up their Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Oh, they want these but don't support new programs being offered by Congress. I say: Get a life!

Art Brickman

Fort Wayne

JobSpark offers teens chance to see career paths

My wife and I recently were privileged to volunteer at the first northern Indiana Junior Achievement JobSpark, a program to connect eighth graders in 25 of our area schools with businesses and schools in our area to show them the many opportunities for well-paying, enjoyable careers.

Although a college education is good for many, it is not necessarily for everyone.

Training of some kind is crucial, though, and the many participating businesses did an excellent job of showing these students what might be available for them.

I counted 57 businesses representing manufacturing, engineering, logistics, agriculture, construction, finance, health, hospitality, tourism, arts and information technology.

Fog hurt attendance a little, but not nearly as much as we had feared.

To businesses who chose not to participate this year, I would say: “Don't miss out next year!”

Sure, these kids have nearly four years before they graduate high school, but now is the time to begin thinking about the future.

And students need to know they can make a good living with or without a college education if they make adequate preparation.

I spoke with two young men who have already decided to take up welding as an occupation, and I know they will do well if they stick to it with dedication and preparation.

And to retired folk like my wife and me, I would say: “Get involved with Junior Achievement, either in the classes you can teach in area schools or for next year's JobSpark.”

I taught JA for several years until my advanced age slowed me down, but I never enjoyed anything more.

Get on the JA website at or call them at 484-2543. Or, better yet, go by their wonderful new facility at550 E. Wallen Rd.

Dan Harlow

Fort Wayne

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