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Sunday, November 28, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Find another way, Seasonal Do-Gooders

A word of warning to Seasonal Do-Gooders (SDGs) tempted to inflict Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) upon innocent bystanders because of an uncontrollable urge to play the self-indulgent game “Secret Santa”: Don't!

As a victim of prior painful RAK attacks, I'm willing to crush every ounce of joyous spirit gurgling within the most virtuous SDG who dares approach. No matter whether you're standing beside me or lurking like a sniper while an unwitting accomplice such as a food server or retail cashier completes your deed, you will be foiled.

In-person SDGs will be rebuffed with direct questions: How many Salvation Army bell-ringers with red kettles did you walk past this week? Did you donate any new toys to SCAN's annual drive this year? Have you ever donated anything to Humane Fort Wayne?

To sniper SDGs, whether you're watching from afar or have already left the building, be assured it won't get paid forward. I'm at the same place of business as you and more than able to pay my way, so stop trying to impress strangers with your largesse by feigning an RAK.

The charities I mentioned are among a small group with causes meaningful to me. The Journal Gazette publishes information on many local charities that lists specific wants and needs. I encourage you to read their mission statements to find those worthy of your support.

You'll discover interacting with local charity volunteers a much more rewarding and fulfilling experience than encountering a sourpuss like me. You might even make some new friends out of the deal. Either way, go ahead, you'll make my day!

Michael Klecka

Fort Wayne

Hypocrisy apparent in both political parties

Each year it is getting more and more difficult for me to vote.

If you are a Democrat, you are less likely to be born. If you are lucky to make it, the Democrats will take care of you the rest of your life.

If you are a Republican, you are more likely to be born but get shot to death crossing the street.

Where are the pro-life Democrats? It is not, “My body, my choice.” It is, “Two bodies, my choice.”

Where are the Republicans who are against the NRA? Why does every Republican have a picture holding a rifle?

Doesn't anyone see the dichotomy of being pro-life and promoting the death penalty?

Mary Kay Matasky

Fort Wayne

Lack of civility reigns across many platforms

Much to my chagrin, the behavior or lack of by a few audience members at the Nov. 14 matinée of the Civic Center production of “The Christmas Schooner” made for a less-than-enjoyable experience.

I purposely sat four rows from the rear of the auditorium where there were few other people seated. However, two rows in front of me a small child continually waved a water bottle during the first act. There was just enough light in the otherwise darkened theater that such action was a distraction.

I moved during intermission toward the other end of the row.

A patron seated a half dozen rows ahead kept their mobile telephone lit the entire second half. My companion and an usher as well as I asked the person to turn the phone off but requests were ignored. Again, a distraction making it difficult to focus on the stage action.

In addition, I was disappointed there were no printed programs. The only way to read players' bios was using a mobile phone to scan an image. While it must be rare, I do not have a mobile phone.

In general, what has happened to civility?

Do I remember correctly that during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic people at least for a while seemed to be more gentle and kinder?

Today, people seldom smile or respond to a sincere hello.

Many motorists throughout Fort Wayne speed, run stop signs and red lights and fail to use turn signals. Where are the police?

Jerry Hertenstein

Fort Wayne

Council's posturing serves no purpose

We need to thank our Fort Wayne City Council for the entertainment and pure political theater on the Red River contract. I have enjoyed the finger-pointing and bold stance of the council members that has really done nothing to improve the city's standing in the Red River bankruptcy.

City Council childishly thinks the more they threaten Red River, the better the outcome will be. I can only say watch what you wish for; you just might get what you want: no garbage contractor to pick up the garbage.

What is City Council's plan if Red River just shuts down? Will council members jump in a garbage truck and start picking up the garbage or will they continue the hollow tough talk that has no merit except to drive their political theater?

City Council has no plan or leadership except to stand on their soapbox and yell that the sky is falling. Fort Wayne deserves better than Chicken Little telling us the obvious.

What's council's plan other than blaming everyone else for their lack of responsibility to the taxpayers?

John Modezjewski

Fort Wayne

Claims too outrageous to go unchallenged

Stan Jones's piece “Fantasy-land” (Nov. 17) contains several ridiculous claims, but I would like to call out one half of one sentence I am shocked The Journal Gazette allowed to appear: “We have been successfully invaded through our southern border...”

While I vehemently disagree with every point in the piece, I suppose one could classify most of what Jones expressed as “conservative viewpoints.” However, the half-sentence I've pointed out is not. It is an attempt at racial fear-mongering and weaponized unreality on a level I can't believe any respectable paper would publish.

What Jones says is a verifiable lie meant to evoke a self-defense response against other people. In this case, white people illogically fearing they will be replaced by people of color sharing this country with them.

How could we have possibly been “successfully invaded” when more than 1,000 families at the southern border are still separated from their children because of the previous administration's policies? When we see clear photographic evidence of border patrol agents cosplaying as cowboys beating migrants? When there are more than 200 facilities including jails detaining immigrants, adding up to possibly half a million people? When the U.S. doesn't even abide by international law allowing refugees to make bids for asylum?

There are a wide range of respectable policy positions one can hold when it comes to immigration. Labeling other human beings as “invaders” is not one of them. This kind of rhetoric would be disgusting on a 4chan forum, but it truly saddens me it was published in a great paper like The Journal Gazette.

Tyler VanMeter

Fort Wayne

Downplaying riot goes well beyond fantasy

I imagine Stan Jones is bemoaning the unfortunate timing of the publication of his opinion piece “Fantasyland” (Nov. 17).

His claim of Democratic incompetence “in the nuts and bolts of governance” came on the heels of the infrastructure bill's passage, something the previous administration consistently failed to deliver as “infrastructure week” became a long-running joke. His attempt to portray the “QAnon shaman” as merely a “playactor” coincided with the “shaman” being sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the violent Jan. 6 insurrection.

Jones claims Democrats wouldn't know “an insurrectionist if it slapped them in the face.” He says they live in “fantasyland.” Does he think we have forgotten the assault on the Capitol that we watched with our own eyes in real time on Jan. 6? Does he think we have forgotten the chants of “Hang Mike Pence” as we watched legislators being escorted to safe rooms? Does he not know of the many incidents of Capitol Police quite literally being slapped in the face and worse?

What is decidedly not fantasy is that on that tragic day 140 Capitol and D.C. police officers were injured. One died. As of late summer, 10 officers were still off work as a result of their injuries. The psychological trauma from hours of hand-to-hand combat caused more than 75 officers to leave or retire. Two committed suicide.

And Jones has the temerity to claim we foment a fantasy to remain in power. Never have I seen a more flagrant case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Gary Copeland

Fort Wayne

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