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Tuesday, November 30, 2021 1:00 am


Lawmakers' hubris ignores COVID realities

I find it unbelievable that, even after nearly dying from COVID-19, Sen. Dennis Kruse is so obtuse about protecting others from this serious virus.

I also find it very disturbing that legislators are so glibly declaring that “Indiana is successfully moving beyond the pandemic and we've been working collaboratively with our Senate colleagues and the governor on responsibly closing out the state of emergency while protecting Hoosiers from overreaching federal mandates” (quote from House Speaker Todd Huston, Journal Gazette, Nov. 20).

I suspect businesses have been whining about the inconveniences of mandating and implementing vaccination verification.

Hence the sentence in the same story: “Chamber executives wanted to maintain autonomy over their own decisions.” These  executives apparently represent businesses more concerned about the time and effort needed to protect their employees and others from a pandemic than they are about being responsible citizens and community leaders.

Another surprising element is requiring vaccines but not being able to ask for proof.

What is the logic? Do they think everyone will be truthful?

Do lawmakers have the ability to see into the future? Do they know when the pandemic will end?  

Thank goodness none of them were in charge when vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis, measles, polio, smallpox and other deadly diseases were created.

We would still be battling these terrifying illnesses and burying our loved ones.

This virus is very personal to me. My daughter and brother both contracted it. Fortunately, they are now fine. However, my mother died one month before vaccinations were available.

It is also very personal to all the families of the 17,386 Hoosiers who have died.

We are citizens of the world. It is our responsibility to care for one another. We cannot be autonomous.

Jennifer Vaughan

Fort Wayne

Tolerance of violent video exposes true motivations

Rep. Jim Banks (as well as Sens. Todd Young and Mike Braun) swore an oath of office that says, in part, that they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Fifth Amendment states that no person shall be “deprived of life without due process of law.” 

Intentionally killing or attacking someone with whom you disagree is the polar opposite of “due process of law.”

Recently, Rep. Paul Gosar posted a video depicting him killing a Democratic member of Congress and attacking the president with knives or swords. Is this not outrageous enough for Banks, Young or Braun to stand up and condemn this awful behavior by a supposed public servant who is sworn, like them, to support the constitutional rule of law?

Why are they silent? Why should a constituent have to write a letter like this to prod them into action?

This will pass soon enough and surely recede before the next election. After all, Gosar is from Arizona so what does it matter?

Well, it does matter. Their silence is tacit approval of the video and supports the taking of life by intentional, unlawful violence. Surely they must see this video by an elected official as a violation of their oath of office.

Be a citizen; be a patriot; just be decent enough to stand up and say this was so very wrong and publicly denounce such behavior. Let the Constitution be your guide instead of a man or a party. Let simple decency and respect be your motivation instead of re-election.

Be a champion for civil discourse and compromise for the greater good instead of tolerating such ugly politics.

Tom Swihart

Fort Wayne

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