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Saturday, January 22, 2022 1:00 am


Lawmakers sure to drive teachers from profession

I am writing to state my opposition to House Bill 1134 for the sake of all teachers in Indiana. Teachers already are expected to do so much with so little, and this bill will only add more to that already-endless buffet of ridiculousness.

Over the past 25-plus years, I have watched my wife and so many friends give their hearts, souls and even tears to a profession that, quite honestly, doesn't give back anymore. However, for the first time I heard my wife say she will have to give up teaching after reading the details of this bill. The idea that a woman who has given more than half her life to something would want to quit because of politicians who have no clue what they are proposing is quite honestly gut-wrenching.

I fear a huge number of gifted and talented educators will come to the same conclusion. Ask yourself: Would you want to start a career as a teacher today? I can say with utmost certainty I would not and this bill, if passed, will start a downward spiral of even fewer young adults wanting to become educators. I can remember when becoming a teacher was a top-five listed future aspiration, but this will most certainly cease to be the case going forward.

I encourage everyone to log on and search for this bill and make your own conclusions. Please let your designated legislators know that this is a bill that cannot go forward. The future of education in Indiana at all levels is potentially about to take a devastatingly wrong turn from which there is no turning back.

Please vote “no” on HB 1134.

Tim Wells


Media, reader response slows bad legislation

We wish to commend The Journal Gazette for its call to action regarding the legislature's House Bill 1134 and Senate Bill 167. Not only did the paper have excellent coverage of the GOP supermajority shenanigans going on in the General Assembly, it sparked a response from readers here and around the state that resulted in a reconsideration of these two bills (SB 167 has since been pulled from consideration).

It's evident that our print media is still safeguarding our democratic process, and it was not a waste of time for readers to communicate their objections to these onerous bills. The Senate obviously heard the siren and didn't anticipate any “stop sticks” thrown in its path in trying to outrun public opinion. This is a lesson for all concerned citizens to be vigilant about the distortion and denial of historic facts, and how politicians play on the insecurities and fears of the people who have knee-jerk reactions.

This is no time to relax our guard. If you see something, say something.

Joan Garman


Jon Broderick

Fort Wayne

Legislative proposals reflect poor instincts

We Hoosiers have a long history of political common sense; see the examples of Sens. Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh, among others. Yet some in our state legislature appear to be driven by misinformation and ignorance.

Current proposed legislation includes ending gun licensing (opposed by law enforcement), micromanaging teachers and curriculum, protecting medical personnel who use an unproven, even dangerous treatment and bringing partisanship into our school board elections. While these proposals may never become law, this cannot be who we are as Hoosiers.

Dave Wysong

Fort Wayne

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