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Tuesday, January 25, 2022 1:00 am


More requirements would drive teachers away

Indiana public school teachers already feel disrespected, overworked and underpaid. House Bill 1134 would threaten academic freedom and create an even greater teacher workload, unnecessarily.

Parents have had input regarding school corporation curriculum choices and have been invited to sit on school improvement committees for the 23 years I have been teaching. Parents have always been welcomed into classrooms and encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences and be involved in their children's education.

Teachers in Indiana are required to teach the state standards for a grade level or content area. These standards are public record and may be viewed by going to the Indiana Department of Education website.

The requirements of HB 1134 are financially untenable for most Indiana school corporations, which are already struggling, as well as professionally onerous on already-overwhelmed teachers.

Remember the misguided proposal that would have required Indiana teachers to perform internships to renew their teaching licenses and the controversy that created? This bill is more onerous and insidious.

If the goal is to create a mass exodus of public school teachers in Indiana, HB 1134 would achieve it.

Sonya Harrington


Writer does disservice to cause of history

I am quite dismayed the editors of the Journal Gazette “recognized and expressed their appreciation” for Roxana Rockwell's letter of Dec. 17 as the Golden Pen letter. Obviously, her diatribe was not vetted for accuracy or legitimacy.

The History Center is the area's leader in owning, educating and, yes, displaying Native American and other minority heritages and legacies in a fully open and honest light.

To say otherwise or claim The History Center is trying to “keep one group in power” and actively prevent teaching a thorough history” of our real nation's past, as she claims, is both blatantly false and cruel. Has she ever participated in the many Miami History Heritage days events, held at their most prized possession, the Chief Richardville House, which incidentally has the complete support and involvement of the Miami tribe of Oklahoma? Obviously not.

The History Center's current main focus is the “Fabric of the Fort: Our Tapestry of Human Heritage.” The next lecture in the renowned Mather Lecture series, Feb. 6, is titled: “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the struggle for civil rights in Fort Wayne.”

Executive Director Todd Pelfrey put his distinguished career and The History Center's reputation in jeopardy, making national news, by voicing opposition to Jason Arp's misguided attempt to establish Gen. Mad Anthony Day, which gave a remarkably false whitewashing (no pun intended) that excluded the Miami tribe of their own homeland. Rockwell's accusations, with the appreciative support of the editorial board, do the same disservice to The History Center and all those who want to tell the real truth of our nation's history. Shame.

Dr. Eric Schreier

Fort Wayne 


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