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Thursday, October 27, 2016 10:00 pm

Election letters

Younger generations can set a new path

I watched the Senate debate. I was impressed with one candidate.

Libertarian Lucy Brenton is the wife of a disabled veteran, has a permit to carry a gun and is a finance professional. She stands for eliminating failed programs that have not worked, have been kicked down the road for decades and are a huge financial burden on future generations (if not Ponzi schemes). She is not for the failed monetary policy of running continual deficits since 1958. Under Evan Bayh’s representation the deficits continued, and Social Security and Medicare each counted one less year to being unable to pay full scheduled benefits – and he voted for Obamacare. Todd Young wants to maintain the failed Social Security and Medicare for those older than 55 and repeal Obamacare. Both want the younger generations to pay for them.

Anyone younger than 55 needs to step up and think about what Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare really are, Ponzi schemes set up by politicians to buy votes without ever paying for them. Since their inception they have never run an actuarial surplus. They are so far underfunded that there is no mathematical way to come close to paying scheduled benefits without taking ever more from workers. On top of this we have a $19 trillion national debt thanks to Bayh.

If you are younger than 55, is this the legacy you want to inherit and pay for? If not, I highly recommend Lucy Brenton, a mom, a true conservative, one who has balanced her family’s budget year after year; not these lame men who want to saddle those younger than 55 with increased insurmountable debt. Millennials and Gen X outnumber boomers and seniors combined. Get your sisters and brothers to vote this year and take control of your future.

William Larsen

Fort Wayne

Trump represents America’s last hope

Centuries ago, a fledgling country went to war with its royal ruler to address grievances regarding a lack of representation. The war dragged on for years, and nearly 10 percent of the male population of the new country lost their lives – but in the end, they were victorious.

The new country’s representatives wrote laws that would preclude a future government from imposing its will on a nation of free people – a place where every citizen could use his mind and will and through hard work and perseverance accomplish anything he was capable of doing. Where everyone was protected equally under the law and the federal government was to never take more from the citizens than required to accomplish their limited tasks.

From the beginning, people in government began attempting to alter laws into something that increased their power and wealth. Powerful elitist families had generations of members in high-placed government positions, living by a different set of rules than ordinary citizens.

For the past 100 years, there has been a concerted effort to modify our government to a more socialist model, primarily by providing government subsidies and allowing vast immigration to obligate people to vote for the government’s desired changes. The speed of change has accelerated. If brakes cannot be applied this year, I fear we will be unable to postpone or alter the change.

I have never considered Donald Trump as an elected official; in fact, I thought he sounded whiny. Now, I think he might be the single person in the country who can save us. He is a successful businessperson. He knows how to get the most from his money and even make it grow. With a Congress that can spend $1,000 on a shovel, he would be a blessing. He has the strength of will to change the way things are done in Washington.

Hillary Clinton will keep things going the way they have. She will create $2 trillion in new taxes and spending to hire a new group of slaves to vote for her. She will allow millions of immigrants to become voters for her party. By the time Chelsea is ready, the path will be paved. The greatest accomplice to this taking of America is the news media, which refuse to cover her criminal conduct and endlessly discuss Trump’s poor behavior around women. That is a thing they failed to notice when Bill Clinton was president.

To those who have never seen her in her younger years, America was beautiful. It would be a terrible shame to see her fall due to treachery from within our government.

James Frye

(former Fort Wayne resident)

Scottsdale, Arizona

Mixed messages

Donald Trump stands up there in his tie made in China and his suit made in Mexico, shouting "Make America Great Again" while not paying taxes for years to support it.

Betty Allan

Fort Wayne

Banks out of step with Trump agenda

The Republican candidate for Congress, Jim Banks, published his agenda for representing us (Oct. 18). He reiterated Washington’s Pentagon spending priorities. The presidential candidate of his choice, Donald Trump, does not support any of Banks’ priorities. Trump vows to end security agreements with South Korea and Japan and end the 11-carrier navy. Japan and South Korea would be given nuclear weapons, relieving our obligation to respond with our nuclear weapons. Trump would reduce our spending percentage to the NATO budget. Currently, we spend just more than 3.6 percent of our gross domestic product; the NATO guideline is 2 percent of GDP. Our $650 billion defense budget is more than double the amount the other 27 members spend.

The Constitution vests certain exclusive powers in the House, including the right to initiate impeachment and to originate revenue bills. Banks should explain how he will raise the money for his plan. He should also detail eliminating the budget deficit of $450 billion. Send a person to Congress to do his job, raise revenue. We don’t need another congressman inserting spending for equipment the Department of Defense has not requested.

If his candidate wins, perhaps the impeachment power would also require his attention.

Roger Miller

Fort Wayne

Khan’s knowledge best for NACS

This November I am supporting Dr. Zubair Khan for the Northwest Allen County Schools board in District 1. My three grandchildren attend NACS and, as a grandmother, I am fed up with the overtesting of our children. Dr. Khan knows that standardized testing is bad for our children and that teachers are best to evaluate their academic performance.

Everyone in the district votes for all school board members. Dr. Khan is a knowledgeable and informed candidate. Let’s vote for Dr. Zubair Khan on Nov. 8.

Penney Bronnenberg

Fort Wayne

Khan did homework

I am a member of Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education and attend (as well as help sponsor) many educational and legislative events in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Zubair Khan is always there! He attended the superintendent of public instruction debate, the showing of the Education Inc. movie and the Network of Public Education conference in North Carolina. Khan is learning about issues in education, is the father of three young children and cares about all kids. He deserves your vote in Northwest Allen County Schools.

Susan Berry

Fort Wayne

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