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Wednesday, November 02, 2016 10:00 pm

Election letters

Nation better with Democratic leadership

Donald Trump said he doesn’t like people who were captured – they aren’t heroes. He insults a Gold Star mother. All soldiers deserve an apology.

This is enough to never vote for Trump. And Trump has insulted blacks, women, the handicapped, etc.

He finds time to compliment Vladimir Putin but not to disavow the Ku Klux Klan. All this from the party that’s supposed to reflect Christian values. What would Jesus say?

As for Hillary Clinton, I believed she was extremely careless in handling her emails.

I read the full 47-page FBI report to verify and found she was no more careless than at any other agency.

Republicans want to control who marries whom, control women’s bodies, the medications doctors can prescribe and mandate that our children pray in schools. Shouldn’t the government stay out of our bedrooms and doctors’ offices, and let parents decide their children’s faith?

The George W. Bush/Republican tax cuts were supposed to create jobs and stimulate the economy. How did that work out? And almost all economic indicators, like employment, the stock market, economic growth etc. have better results under Democratic leadership than Republican.

Tom Lalonde

Napoleon, Ohio

Leaders lack conscience

Is anyone else sick of all the political TV ads revealing corruption in the candidates’ pasts? It just goes to show what goes on after they get in office. If they’re not corrupt when they get elected, they sure seem to jump on the bandwagon quickly.

No wonder our country is trillions of dollars in debt. Where are their consciences? One day they’ll have to answer to their maker, just like the rest of us.

Patricia Campbell

Fort Wayne

Banks inspires pride

This election cycle seems like it has gone on forever. When it began, I was so discouraged by all the corruption in our government. My thought was to disengage myself from the entire process. My husband and I decided to give it one last attempt and decided to have a meet and greet for Jim Banks after attending one at a friend’s house. Banks encouraged us that men of character are still out there. It is a plus that he has served in Afghanistan. His experience will give him great insight in Congress.

Getting to know him gives me hope and assurance that my values will be represented in Congress. I will be voting for Jim Banks, and I am proud to do so.

Becky Woolman

Fort Wayne

Bayh fights for us

Working families should know heading into the polls which candidates stand for their families.

The 2008 auto and financial crisis was a scary time. Uncertainty abounded as companies fell into bankruptcy and America experienced historic job losses. Meanwhile, the ideological extremes thought that it might be a good idea to let it all collapse, no matter the consequences. Rep. Todd Young wanted to let the auto industry go "belly up" – even though that would have risked 100,000 Hoosier jobs.

Thankfully, Evan Bayh was in the Senate, and he stood up for our jobs. He voted for critical rescue measures that made it possible for me and other working families to keep our jobs. Indiana survived.

Any working family can’t afford to put ideologues like Young in the Senate. We need Evan Bayh to fight for issues important to us.

Amanda Meier

Columbia City

Voting for evil

This election I grieve for my fellow Americans, fellow Christians and fellow Catholics most of all.

Wanting to be responsible, conscientious citizens, trusting the words of polished speakers despite their patterns of self-serving while in public office, wanting to avoid conflict and nasty political rhetoric, many fail to see how they let themselves be deceived by mere packaging.

Gerald Fisher’s Oct. 25 letter is a sad example.

Fisher believes Hillary Clinton’s policies would reduce the abortion rate, yet Clinton is loved by the abortion industry. She supports partial birth abortion. She slams health and safety standards passed by legislatures trying to protect women so often pressured into seeking abortions.

Fisher’s claim that Clinton will reduce abortions is a sad attempt to get others to join his self-deception. We are not free to use our ballot to expand the violence of abortion and give rise to evil.

The Rev. David Meinzen

Fort Wayne

Anti-life Gregg agenda

Four years ago, the pro-life community sounded the alarm on John Gregg’s insincere pro-life claims. Voters instead elected a pro-life governor in Mike Pence. We have advanced protections for women and children by raising health and safety standards at abortion facilities, increasing informed consent provisions and banning discriminatory abortions. If he were really pro-life, Gregg wouldn’t have told the Indianapolis Star that he’ll veto any abortion restrictions that reach his desk as governor. 

The abortion rate has been declining for the last seven years in Indiana.

I’m voting for Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb because he is committed to continuing the pro-life policies advanced by the Daniels and Pence administrations.

We must have a governor who believes in assisting women in need and offering protections for the most vulnerable in our midst – the unborn.

Abigail Eschelbach

Fort Wayne

Troubling Trump vision

You hear the talking heads on TV predicting what the presidential candidates will do on the first 100 days of their presidency. When it comes to Donald Trump, he has already said where his focus will be.

He already says he is going after anybody who opposed him and sue all the women who were brave enough to expose his sexual and degrading behavior. His constant attacks on our democracy, saying it is illegitimate, play right into Russian claims that democracy is phony.

If Trump loses, it’s not because of voter fraud or a massive conspiracy – it’s because of Trump’s mouth and actions.

Tony Rumpel

Fort Wayne

Teachers best to make decisions on education

If you are a teacher or parent of a public school student, you have the unique opportunity to vote for teachers to fill three state representative seats (Kathy Zoucha, District 85: Bob Haddad, District 81; Jorge Fernandez, District 50) and one state Senate seat (Juli Dominguez, District 16).

Our legislature has been hyper-focused on school reform, focusing on expanding charter schools, increasing funding for private school vouchers and demanding increased accountability of public school and teachers. Yet most of the people drafting and voting on these issues have no education background or firsthand knowledge.

Teachers know that poverty negatively affects a student’s ability to learn. If legislators knew this, they would not have approved a budget that benefited wealthier, fast-growing suburban districts more than districts with large numbers of poor students.

Teachers know that increased time spent testing is reduced time for learning. They know that tests designed to drive instruction and show us what students know are not a valid measure of teacher effectiveness. 

And teachers know that our state superintendent of public instruction is a nationally board-certified teacher with 35 years in education, not "just a librarian."

Zoucha, Haddad, Fernandez and Dominguez know these things. Please cast your vote to give teachers a voice in determining the future of education in Indiana.

Jane L. Roth

Fort Wayne

McCormick for schools

Indiana needs an experienced superintendent to manage the Department of Education.

As Superintendent of Yorktown Community Schools, Jennifer McCormick has experience working with local school boards, business managers, principals, teachers, parents, and most important, children. 

McCormick pledges to review school funding for all schools, including adequate funding for public schools.

She also pledges to establish a meaningful and manageable assessment system for teachers and students, develop measures to attract and retain Indiana’s quality teachers and close the kindergarten readiness gap.

McCormick not only knows from teaching experience what Indiana students and teachers need, but she also has the administrative ability to work with legislators, teachers, and school districts’ administrators to get the job done.

Pat Kohart

Fort Wayne

‘Yes’ on Question 1

Most voters are focusing at the top of the ticket. However, an important part of the ballot is going to be at the bottom for Hoosiers. It is Question 1 on changing the Indiana Constitution to say that the "right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife shall be forever preserved for the public good."

I would encourage everyone to vote "yes."

Hunting and fishing are a cornerstone of American history. The goal isn’t to make animals extinct but to show the majestic beauty of Hoosier wildlife to our children and grandchildren.

I hope all of you will help me in voting "yes" on Question 1.



Khan fights for kids

A vote for Dr. Zubair Khan, running for Northwest Allen County School Board, is a vote for public schools.

He is tenacious in his community outreach and involvement in the area.

As a resident in the district, he knows the quality education NACS schools provide his children.

He and his wife, owners of Kiddie Academy of Fort Wayne, realize the importance of early childhood education.

School funding, overtesting of students and teacher salaries are major concerns for him.

From his business acumen, he knows that school finance is critical in having successful schools.

I highly recommend Zubair Khan receive your vote.

Donna Roof

Fort Wayne

Time to clean house

Career politicians are incumbents who rely on patronage, cronyism and nepotism to acquire a power position, hopefully to feed forever at the public trough.

They then have the audacity to define this action as "experience," which is touted as necessary for the best government service.

Since this "experience" has brought us to where we are today, I want no part of it.

Could we strive to toss this element out of government and have a real housecleaning?

To do less results in the same ol’ same ol’.

Of course, the hierarchy of the two major parties holds the people hostage to such reformation. Does anyone have an idea how to break this hold on our election process in the short term?



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