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Tuesday, March 15, 2016 5:34 pm

Election letters

If the voters work,then so does democracy

This letter is my personal opinion and not a statement from the League of Women Voters of the Fort Wayne Area, of which I am the convener.

When we first reorganized the LWV, we had a program by Andy Downs of the Downs Center for Indiana Politics at IPFW on how to determine on which elections the average voter should concentrate their study and energy. Downs said voters should concentrate on the level of government that has the most effect upon their lives. For the bulk of us, that’s local government.

Imagine that your garbage isn’t picked up, or your leaves; that your streets don’t have snow removed after a blizzard or potholes filled. This is just a small portion of what city government is responsible for that affects your everyday life. Business owners, non-profits, churches, schools, hospitals and other entities beyond individual citizens all have a stake in how well our city is run.

As we have been registering people to vote, the conversations about politics have been interesting.

Some people point blank refuse to register, let alone vote.

Some people are so caught up in party politics that the idea of voting for someone of another party never crosses their mind, even though the candidate of the opposing party is just as – or more – viable and deserves consideration.

Too many people don’t know who’s running for office. And sometimes they don’t really care.

Bad-mouthing opponents in lieu of educating voters on what it takes to be a quality public servant disaffects voters and leads them to stay away from the polls. Voters need to demand issue-oriented campaigns.

There’s a meme going around on Facebook that says (paraphrasing) "If the 99 percent voted, the 1 percent wouldn’t matter." I truly believe this because democracy doesn’t work unless the voters do also.

We are blessed this local election year with a number of truly fine candidates for office.

If you are registered to vote and have not already done so, please research the candidates and cast your ballot.



Scare tactics can’t mar Henry’s good record

I agree with the Vandeevers (Letters, Oct. 22). Mayor Tom Henry deserves another term. What’s more, the city of Fort Wayne deserves to have the mayor for another term. He has done so much good for the city, and I’d like to see him continue to do so.

He has not overlooked the southeast part of town like others have but has improved it and made it much more livable.

The mayor is just a good man. That is why the Republicans, as usual, need to use imaginary scare tactics to try to get votes.



York’s statements should worry gun owners

There are major differences on Second Amendment issues between candidates for Fort Wayne 4th District City Council.

Republican Jason Arp has gone on record in support of the Second Amendment in his campaign literature. Democrat Rusty York is also on record, but York’s comments should concern anyone who supports the Second Amendment. As police chief in 2009, York supported renewal of a federal weapons ban to limit the sale of semiautomatic rifles. York argued semiautomatic rifles are not needed for hunting or self-defense. But it is not just assault rifles that York is after. In a 2013 interview about gang violence he admitted, "You’re not going to find any assault weapons in the group, a lot of them are 9-mm semiautomatics." York went on to say, "That’s the problem. There’s just so many damn guns out there." Advocating for a national dialogue about who can buy guns and under what conditions they can be purchased, York said, "We can’t afford nationally to just say, ‘Well, that’s, you know, that’s the way it is. That’s the Second Amendment, and just keep going.’ We have to do something about it because it’s just getting worse and worse."

Pay attention, gun owners. Election Day is Tuesday.