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Tuesday, December 22, 2015 10:20 pm


Many steps we can take to raise voter turnout

As was depicted in "Young voters scarce" on Dec. 13, young people, especially those between 18 and 29, vote at very low rates compared with middle-aged and older Americans. This is unfortunate, as we are all stakeholders in public policy outcomes, regardless of age.

There are a few things our state legislators could do to promote a more enhanced level of civic participation in Indiana, especially among younger residents. First, all across the country, civic education is not a high priority in high school. Our legislators and education leaders could change this by infusing more civic education in the high school curriculum. Second, Indiana law precludes people from voting if they have not registered 29 days before the election. Several states have election day registration, where citizens can register and vote on the same day. Citizens in North Dakota do not have to register at all. Third, on election day itself, the polls close under Indiana law at 6 p.m. Most states allow citizens to vote well beyond this time.

In short, our elected officials have it within their authority, and responsibility, to create a more enhanced culture of civic participation in Indiana. Over time, such changes can not only facilitate more youthful participation in the electoral process but also try to ensure that Indiana does not continually lag the national average when it comes to voter turnout in the American states.

BRIAN L. FIFE – Professor and chair, Department of Public Policy, IPFW


Retired postal worker grateful for VA service

I started using the Veterans Administration hospital about five years ago, shortly after I retired from the post office. Thanks to the excellent care I received, they found health problems I was unaware of. They have treated me with great respect and care.

I have been with other hospitals and physicians in Fort Wayne, and the VA customer service has been superior to all of them.

I appreciate everything they have done for me. I just want to wish them the best and have a very Merry Christmas.



Mother Nature admirers led in wrong direction

George Schenetzke ("We ignore Mother Nature’s pleadings at our peril," Dec. 16) and others must realize that "Mother Nature" is not trying to tell anyone anything.

Those who believe in global warming are the ones talking. They create data showing warming or cooling to control areas of our lives. Discontinue this product, cut back coal consumption etc. By doing these things they can control the people.

God is the one who controls what takes place. Want to know what creation is trying to tell you? Psalm 19:1: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. All of the things in the earth point to God. All of creation is God’s work." Mother Nature is a name given to creation to try to push God out of the way.

Want to know what creation is saying? Read the Bible. This world is decaying. It will one day be destroyed by Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is God, and he will destroy it. No man, woman, child, government agency or army can stop that from happening.

Many people have become worshipers of the creation (Mother Nature) rather than the creator (God).

I will continue to do my part as a steward. I will take care of creation but not worship it. I will continue to worship Jesus Christ the Creator.

Want to know what creation is telling you? Ask the creator. He is still alive, his words are found in his book.

Get your eyes off Mother Nature and onto Jesus Christ; it’s amazing how your outlook will change.


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