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Wednesday, August 17, 2016 10:00 pm


Voucher schools thrive on misinformation

A Louisiana legislator said that when she voted for the vouchers bill, she thought "religious schools" meant "Christian." Many Indiana taxpayers and religious-school principals believe the same.

Religious does not mean Christian only; vouchers mean anyone can grab the money and explain later. It helps if the explanation includes words such as "peacebuilding," "academy" or "science."

Just ask Fethullah Gulen. An ex-pat from Turkey, he believes in peace. His website will tell you about peace, but it doesn’t tell you that Gulen controls one of the largest chains of charter schools in the U.S., with teachers under special visa from Turkey. Nor that he himself is inaccessible on a private estate in Pennsylvania. He is currently under investigation by the government of Turkey, which wants him extradited to answer a few questions.

Indiana has three Gulen schools. The Indiana Math and Science Academy is his catchy Indiana title, guaranteed to bring in students and our money.

Peace and science inspire confidence. Board meetings closed to parents, teachers with no training in American education or values – these qualities do not inspire confidence in me. My tax money going to support them; religious school administrators who apparently believe religious means Christian only; policies of exclusivity; these qualities irritate me. Legislators who can’t support the one institution – public education – that made America great really anger me.

Nancy Mack

Fort Wayne

Clinton keeps working despite GOP witch hunt

One of the most trustworthy workers this country has is Hillary Clinton. She is also probably the most harassed, lied-about woman in this country.

A group of Republicans has been trying to find something against her for years. They finally got her on the emails. Spending millions of dollars (of our money) to "get" her, they finally found three emails out of 30,000 that were marked "c," which is supposed to mean "classified." How absurd can we be? "The FBI concluded that about 110 emails of the 30,000 emails Clinton provided for inspection were classified at the time they were sent, though they were not marked as such" (Journal Gazette, Aug. 6). Three did have the "c."

What a waste of time, energy and resources. This woman, even though hounded and having to go through intensive interviewing for hours, still has kept on working in public service helping countless people find a better way of life. There have been no photo ops here, just plain working for the betterment of all.

She has been entrusted with some of the most top-level jobs – Arkansas first lady, the U.S. first lady, senator, secretary of state – plus many day-to-day hard-working days spent to help people. Many leaders and others throughout the world admire and look up to her. Come to think of it, what public service has Donald Trump done to help others?

Dorotha Winger Fry Mason

North Manchester

To solve murders, police need witnesses to talk

Why would the NAACP be so upset over unsolved murders in Fort Wayne? The reason they’re unsolved is very simple: people who witnessed or know something about a crime or murder aren’t coming forward.

Please don’t blame the Fort Wayne Police Department or the Allen County prosecutor. These officials can’t do anything until they have solid proof. Again, if people don’t speak up or come forward, it’s an impossible task to arrest someone, let alone prosecute them. The police take tips anonymously and sometimes even pay rewards for tips that help convict criminals.

Harold Luttman

Fort Wayne

A simple request

Make America sane again. Please.

Ellen Kinzer

Fort Wayne

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