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Thursday, December 01, 2016 10:00 pm


White privilege was not created by latest election

In the Nov. 20 edition of The Journal Gazette, Corey Elliott opined about the election of a new president and how that election would provide additional benefits to him and people like him. He also expressed his concern for the plight of non-whites and females in the U.S. who will not gain access to the same benefits; something we call "white-male privilege."

The fact is that white-male privilege is the norm and has been the norm since the inception of the nation. Native Americans know it. African-Americans know it. Women know it. The "good ol’ boys club" is alive and well, and the election of another white male to the U.S. presidency does not create more privilege; it simply confirms it.

College-educated or not, making six figures or not, driving a new car or not, white males have privilege in the U.S., and anyone who says differently is being disingenuous. They get the jobs more often. They get finances to start businesses more. They get more access to the decision makers. And if you are a white male, you can lack the requisite qualifications and skills and still get elected president. Now that’s privilege.

This kind of self-analysis won’t diminish white-male privilege, but it could provide enlightenment that leads to a more just and fair society despite who sits in the Oval Office. Of course, if you are a white male and don’t subscribe to that "all men are created equal" thing from the Declaration of Independence, then you have the privilege to disregard this message.

S.A. Miller

Fort Wayne

Shame on Indiana for allowing canned hunting

The recent headlines announced the beginning of canned hunting in Indiana. So, you are so terrible a hunter that, instead of hunting animals that have a fighting chance, you "hunt" confined, tame and friendly deer so you have a head to mount on your wall! Shame on you! And even more shame on those who teach their children to be just as cruel and unfair!

Once again, society’s demand for instant gratification outweighs the cruel and inhumane treatment of living creatures. Shame on Indiana for allowing this to occur.

Dot Brandenberger

Fort Wayne

Focus on early education in campaign encouraging

I was pleased to see the gubernatorial candidates’ preschool investment plans highlighted in the Journal Gazette. As a business executive, I know that high-quality early childhood learning that includes math is one of the most surefire ways to address readiness.

Why is early education so important? Research cited by the business leaders group ReadyNation says that 90 percent of brain development occurs in the first five years of life. There is a definitive link between math and reading proficiency and enrollment in pre-K. Instilling collaborative and analytical thinking in the earliest years prepares our children to function in team atmospheres successfully later in life – a skill that is crucial for success in the modern workplace.

Our state has the drive to expand high-quality preschool in the next legislative session, and lawmakers should meet Indiana voters in seeing this goal happen. The business community is ready and waiting for Indiana to produce the country’s future executives.

Tim Solso

Former CEO of Cummins Inc., chairman of General Motors


Wrong values: That’s right

Yay to Jamie Garwood in a Nov. 25 letter to the editor for getting it right about electing the wrong values for our future. A misogynist bully who is by his own words and actions a racist and a wealthy bigot is not what any country needs. The bad behavior of the straight male is what has to change. Well stated!

Sheila Bargsten Peters

Fort Wayne

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