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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 6:13 pm


Legislature threatens consumer legal funding

During the holidays, extra expenses such as traveling to visit family or buying gifts for the children add up. That can include an unpredictable accident, which can often devastate a family financially.

For many Hoosiers trying to make ends meet after an accident, consumer legal funding has been a lifeline. The product provides immediate funds before the settlement of their case so they can pay for everyday expenses like heat and rent.

Consumers often endure long waits for their insurance company to settle. Legal funding companies are a solution.

But this funding option is jeopardized by upcoming legislation that could prevent legal funding companies from operating in the state. Rep. Matt Lehman, R-Berne, plans to reintroduce a bill with restrictions that will prevent the industry from operating in the state. Lehman, who chairs the House Insurance Committee, has an interest in his insurance company constituents.

Similar restrictions were introduced in Tennessee and put the industry out of business. This means working-class Indiana residents like the single mom in Muncie who needs to keep the utilities on, or the young couple in South Bend caring for a newborn while legal bills are piling up, will have one less option.

The consumer legal funding industry looks forward to working with lawmakers, including Rep. Lehman, to solidify the state’s pro-family, pro-business reputation by allowing the industry to stay in business, giving peace of mind to thousands of Hoosiers in need of financial assistance.


President, Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Finance

Plenty of power available for hunting deer already

I agree on not allowing the high-powered cartridge for deer hunting ("More powerful ammo adds little value for hunters," Jan. 2). As a deer hunter, I have used a shotgun, rifle and muzzle-loader for my yearly hunts. DNR spokesman Phil Bloom mentioned taking an ethical shot; these weapons provide this at ranges over 100 yards. The shotgun does have a kick, but the muzzle-loader and rifles are like shooting a pellet gun.


Fort Wayne

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