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Saturday, July 16, 2016 10:00 pm

Letters to the editor

Solutions simple to fireworks issues

There are some citizens of our city who are sensitive to light and sound extremes that occur with some fireworks. When I was a kid, the only types of fireworks citizens were allowed to light were small fountains, sparklers and snakes. The big fireworks display put on by the city was the only way we would see really big explosions or shapes. That was enough.

Since so many folks seem to enjoy the loud and bright fireworks, I propose we designate a city park or county park (like the Allen County Fairgrounds) to be an approved destination(s) for lighting the loud and bright fireworks.

On behalf of all who silently suffer through holidays like the Fourth of July, I propose a reduction in the approved hours (say 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and implement a policy to limit the amount of sound and light that fireworks can emit within the city limits.

There’s got to be a way for our citizens to adequately celebrate and to maintain a peaceful environment.

And another thing – maybe we could stop spending so much money on fireworks (effectively burning money) and afford to increase the wages of the faculty teaching our children.


Fort Wayne

New anti-meth law strikes proper balance

This time of year, allergies are in full effect, and both familiar and new faces are picking up decongestants that effectively relieve their symptoms. These trusted medicines are unfortunately also used by some criminals to make meth. The good news is that the legislature recently passed legislation that will block known meth offenders from purchasing cold and allergy medicines that contain pseudoephedrine.

As president of the Indiana Retail Council, which represents drug stores and pharmacies that sell these effective products, I have had the opportunity to see Indiana pharmacists work with local law enforcement for years through a system called the National Precursor Log Exchange. This system allows pharmacists to monitor purchases of pseudoephedrine for illegal activity, and it immediately rejects any sale to someone who has reached their daily, monthly or yearly legal purchase limit. The new law will also prevent previous meth offenders from purchasing any cold and allergy medications with pseudoephedrine.

For our members, the addition of the registry of meth offenders to the existing NPLEx e-tracking system was a no-brainer. But this was part of a contentious debate during the 2016 legislative session. Some lawmakers believed that requiring a prescription, across the board, for all cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine would better deter criminal activity. We strongly disagree. Such a measure would have created an inconvenience for the overwhelming majority of customers who rely on these medicines. We should not stand in the way of our law-abiding residents who rely on these medicines to get through the fog of seasonal allergies.

Grant Monahan


Preschool proves worth investment

I have one question for those who question whether preschool works. If preschool didn’t work, why would middle-class and upper-class parents pay for it? I have a recent high school graduate and a rising junior who have attended public school for their entire K-12 careers, but we spent thousands to send them to preschool. I made the choice to stop working and stay at home with my children, so why would I pay that much for them not to be with me if preschool weren’t important?

It is simple economics (another reason the liberal arts are as important as STEM, but that is a battle for another day). Americans spend money on what they value. We might not spend as much on preschool as we spend on professional sports, but the investment is made. Shouldn’t we help those who can’t afford the thousands to spend on preschool have the same chances as our children? It all goes back to winners and losers in education. Not giving everyone a chance hurts not only the individual but society as a whole. Think of all the social problems that can be lessened with a better-educated population.

So my question to the legislature is, again, if preschool weren’t worth it, why would so many pay for it?

Kim Hodson

Fort Wayne

Clinton belongs in jail, not on campaign trail

What has this country come to? Hillary Clinton breaks the law, puts this country in great jeopardy and gets away with it because she didn’t intend to do anything wrong. If someone gets drunk, drives down the street, runs into another car and kills someone, does that mean he is not at fault because he didn’t intend to hit that car?

If this woman makes that kind of mistake, it is darn sure she is not fit to be a leader of this country. And if this were the only shady thing she was involved in, it would be different. It would take 10 pages to list some of the shady deals she was involved in before she and Bill Clinton were together.

Before you vote for her, research her background. Donald Trump doesn’t sound too presidential, but I would risk having him over Clinton because I know what she is. Back when Ronald Reagan ran for president, many people didn’t think he was fit for the job. He did a better job than any of the others before and after him.

When Barack Obama came out with his hope-and-change policy, those on welfare supported him because they thought he would make things better.

All he has done is increase this class, put us into much higher debt, ruin the United States’ reputation around the world and damaged our freedom badly. If Clinton gets in, she will continue this as she has already has.

Putting Clinton in as president is putting another fox in the henhouse after the fox in there now has wrecked it.

If people in power would quit allowing all of these people to come in illegally and from countries where it is impossible to tell if they are good people or extremists, things would be better. When we allow these people, they should not be allowed their past way of life but live by our rules and standards. Also, giving illegal aliens all the benefits they do, letting them run free to commit crimes and be put in jail – this money could be put to a lot better use.

But to get votes, Clinton will follow the same footprints. If this happens, this country will be worse than other countries. We don’t want that to happen.

It is time to prosecute her to the limit, not make her our leader. Enough is enough.

Gene Biberstein


True Christians would never practice hate

In reading the letters page on July 10, I was intrigued and distressed to read the headline above one: "Behavior of hatred often taught at church." What churches are advocating hatred and possible violence against people, I wondered.

I found only two sentences in the letter by Lorna Secunda that might have reflected the headline. They talked about "religious institutions" and equated the teaching of exclusion with the perpetration of hate. I fault the headline writer for exaggerating what the letter writer actually said.

I am also distressed that Secunda seems to think that E. Gene Gorrell represents most religious people, including Christians. I have attended many churches and have never heard any of the preachers advocating hatred.

Christianity teaches that we are all sinners and that we all need the power of God working within us to live the life of love that Jesus Christ advocated.

Yes, some lifestyles and behaviors are considered to be sinful, but people who live this way are to be treated with love.

Unfortunately, many people, including myself, have been treated badly by some churches and some Christians. However, Christians do not worship institutions or human beings. We worship Christ, who preached selfless love and not hate.

Darrell Turner

Fort Wayne 

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