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Saturday, August 13, 2016 10:01 pm

Letters to the editor

Public school boosters support parochial, too

I read with interest Tiffany Albertson’s response to Phyllis Bush’s op-ed about vouchers (Aug. 3). I am a retired public school teacher with 28 years of experience. In the interest of transparency, I need to note that I, like Bush, am a member of Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education. Albertson, the principal of a school that benefits greatly from vouchers, did not tell us her role at Bishop Luers – and I find that to be troubling and hypocritical.

Albertson talks about her school’s diversity. While a diverse population might be the case at Luers, it is not the case in many schools accepting vouchers. Schools accepting vouchers do not have to accept all students and are able to pick and choose the students they will educate. Public schools welcome all students all the time.

I am fully supportive of parents who desire a parochial education for their children. This has long been a valued option in American education. My problem is with public education money being used for religious education, which is what is happening with our current voucher system. Some families want a parochial education; others do not. But I think that those who cannot afford private education should seek help from their church and not from the public school coffers.

I, along with Bush and the other members of NEIFPE, will always be opposed to money being diverted from public schools to private and parochial schools. We at NEIFPE have never said that parochial schools do not do a good job. We simply say public dollars for public education.

Meg Bloom

Fort Wayne

America must lead on renewable energy

Indiana Michigan Power assures we the customers that continued coal burning at the Rockport electric generation station is the only way to provide "reliable energy at affordable prices." As evidence, I&M cites the case of Germany, which heavily subsidizes its world-leading renewable-energy transition and is now stalled and still dependent on coal. I&M ratepayers must demand our contribution to the renewable energy transition, with subsidy, because the earth is literally burning up.

The science behind the emerging climate chaos continues to hold up against the political challenges backed by the fossil fuel-funded attacks on fast renewable energy development. I&M claims such haste makes waste and argues for a slower transition to solar energy. They are dead wrong. The Germans need the Americans to save the world once more. We have the scientific and engineering prowess to get the job done; it is a worldwide problem.

The U.S. wars on Iraq and the greater Mideast have opened an expensive floodgate of refugees disproportionately on Germany and drained everyone’s national investment capacity for renewable energy. We need to shift into climate emergency mode now. Listen to a "wisdom keeper" named Buffalo Jim, a Seminole medicine man born in 1889 who told an ancient story documented in the 1980s that all of Florida would one day soon be under water. When science and myth agree, beware of the profit seekers who say otherwise.

Howard Traxmor

Fort Wayne

Pray for both police and black families

I was traveling through your fair city and had a chance to read The Journal Gazette. I read the article about the church youth group praying with the police as part of a mentoring program (July 28). I wondered whether their program included praying with some of Fort Wayne’s black families. If not, then the church and its mentoring program are part of the black vs. police problem.

Daniel Hill


Neither candidate can get America going

America is in a pickle.

We need to get government out of business affairs and businessmen out of government. The government was not designed to be a business, nor to be run like one. It is not a profit center.

Our elected officials have spent us into unbelievable debt. Yes, both parties. The last time the budget was balanced was during the Clinton administration – the second coming of the gay nineties, as was experienced in the 1890s. The years of the communication technology boom.

Since then we have been attacked by all sides. Terrorism, recession, bank failures and bankrupt businesses. So much money spent trying to keep the war out of our country and yet, it is creeping into our own backyard. Businesses we thought were too big to fail failed.

We do not have a choice of cream-of-the-crop politicians this year. Not even good second stringers. We have to choose between the lesser of two evils. One will keep things pretty much business as usual, which means not much getting done in Washington. The other is a fearmonger who has an ego so big he can’t brush off a simple slight by an adversary.

What will it be? Business as usual or a roll of the dice?

James S. Hendon

Fort Wayne

Muslim father made case against Trump

Once again Donald Trump has demonstrated why he is unfit to be commander in chief. I refer to his reactions to the Democratic convention speech made byKhizr Khan.

As part of his response, Trump said, "If you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably – maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say, you tell me."

Many people, both Republican and Democrat, rightly condemned Trump not just because of his disrespect to a Gold Star Mother but because it was stereotypical nonsense once again demonstrating his total lack of knowledge of strong Muslim women leaders.

But it is not Trump’s utter lack of knowledge or even his near-inhumane response to a mother that requires I reject him as my commander in chief.

I am the son of a 30-year Air Force officer. I grew up understanding the responsibilities of command. I further gained leadership skills as a 20-year Army officer.

A prime leadership skill is to "know your enemy." Make no mistake, Trump sees anyone who does not agree with him as his enemy. His petulant and uncontrolled, shoot-first lashing out at Ghazala Khan violated this principle. He knew nothing about why she chose not to speak but he just had to … on multiple occasions.

 In these dangerous times, we can’t have a narcissistic child as commander in chief.

I felt an intense gut response when Khizr Khan asked Trump, "Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending America – you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one." My mother and father are buried at Arlington.

Gerald H. Fisher


A quick psychoanalysis

I don’t think Donald Trump is playing with a full deck.

Jerome A. Welch

Fort Wayne

GOP acquiescence simply mind-boggling

It is amazing to me that the Republican candidate for president is still around, still blabbering, and still so devoid of any kind of message. But what amazes me even more is the obvious fact that he has a constituency. I can’t believe that so many Americans have bought into his egocentric message of hate. 

When I ask a Donald Trump supporter what they see in him, the most prevalent answer is that "he tells it like it is," which I really can’t understand – he hasn’t said anything of value yet. He is against Muslims, minorities and just about anybody who doesn’t believe he is the new messiah personified. He says he has sacrificed much by creating jobs in the pursuit of wealth. That is not a sacrifice. 

But surely, the country I love so much hasn’t turned into a nation of haters. I can see disillusioned people everywhere who are just not getting their fair share of the American dream, but why can’t these people see that Trump is one of those one percenters who have denied them this share? His past is one of a con man, playing the system for all it’s worth, making huge profits on the backs of the little guys whom he truly does not like. His ego is staggering, and his view of his self-worth borders on the delusional.

Where are the good men in the Republican Party? Can party loyalty actually take precedence over principle? Can these public servants really think Trump is actually good for this country?  The Trump candidacy boggles the mind.

Edward J. Frank

Fort Wayne

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