GOP extremists open door to bipartisanship

Kevin McCarthy’s concessions to the extremist far right House Freedom Caucus appear to have hamstrung the Republican Party’s ability to function when it comes to moving their agenda forward. This group of radicals can effectively hold the party hostage.

But, sometimes there is a silver lining to dilemmas such as they are facing. Rather than bow down to this hard-line group, they have an alternative. They could reach across the aisle and ... gasp ... communicate with Democrats to move forward on issues at hand.

A wise man once said that if two factions were able to work together for the common good, there is no limit to what they could accomplish. I sincerely believe that. Anybody listening?

Clyde Markley

Fort Wayne

Dog at the bar has diner surprised

My friends and I had dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Jan. 14. This restaurant has the reputation of being high end – the best of the best. It is a lovely place with great music and excellent food.

To my surprise, a person came in with a baby carriage and parked it by the bar in a traffic area. In it was a dog.

We mentioned it to our server, and he was oblivious about it. The people had their drinks, the guy opened up the top, and the dog stretched out to have a sample of his owner’s snack at the bar.

The top remained open while the owners drank at the bar.

How does the board of health pass on this? This takes therapy dog to a whole new level.

I’m not sure I will return if this is their normal practice. I love my animals, but their place is at home, not at the bar.

Andrea Ratajczak

Fort Wayne

Following football not a uniform experience

The Nancy Carlson Dodd column on Jan. 14 was a gem. “What it was, was football” hit the nail on the head. I hope I can figure it out in these playoffs. At least in baseball the home team usually wears white.

Lois Perrine

Fort Wayne

Downtown grocery store still sorely needed

I am reminded again how nice it would be to have a grocery downtown. As a retired senior citizen, I’ve lived in my apartment more than 18 years and because of medical reasons can’t drive.

Having a store to walk to would be so nice. I take an Uber now to Kroger or Meijer, so it would save me money.

I always wondered why someone never opened another store downtown for people like me who live here, work here or just pass by.

I would think it would be a money maker.

Sandy Waldrop

Fort Wayne

Writers to JG offer important insights

Praise to John Boerger (Letters, Jan. 7) for his advocacy for the Philharmonic musicians. The musicians are a tremendous asset to Fort Wayne. Investing in these musicians will enhance the quality of the orchestra.

Praise to Chris Dunn (also Letters, Jan. 7) for advocating for the environment. The safety of drinking water must not be undermined for private gain.

Eli Aldrich, the executive director of Shelly’s Voice Advocacy, told (Opinion, Jan. 8) about Senate Bill 39, brought by Sen. J.D. Ford, D-Indianapolis. The bill is called the Equal Education Opportunities Act to extend specific anti-discrimination educational rights statutes to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Joni Weber

Fort Wayne