road paving

road paving

Pre-arrest circumstances shouldn’t affect treatment

Recently, there has been discussion about treatment of inmates. Jeff Corley (Letters, Oct. 19) states that if you don’t want to be in jail, don’t commit a crime.

But it remains true: An arrested person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Plenty of innocent people are caught up in the grasp of law enforcement, whether through false informing or otherwise, you never know the circumstances of being caught up in incarceration.

Police are not equipped to hold a trial based upon evidence on the scene. They must make instant assessment. They just go with what is presented to them. You can be raking your leaves and five minutes later be on your stomach in handcuffs and under arrest through no fault of your own.

No one should be mistreated while in custody of law enforcement. False informing is a real thing and should be considered as a real eventuality. Everyone should be treated with respect before trial.

Richard Kolkman, Jr.

Fort Wayne

City improves its trails as streets deteriorate

I see the city is thinking about redoing Anthony Boulevard. They should get their priorities straight. There are other streets that need to be fixed before Anthony.

When are they going to fix Broadway or Paulding Road and Prairie Grove Drive? It seems to me they are more interested in the north, northeast, southeast and all these trails.

They resurfaced Taylor Street from Ardmore Avenue to Jefferson Boulevard and Covington Road from Ardmore to Smith Road and North Washington Road. None of them needed to be resurfaced.

Streets in our neighborhood are deteriorating and unimproved. As much as they spend on trails, they should do more for our streets.

Donald Clark Jr.

Fort Wayne

Henry’s actions after arrest should be enough to satisfy

It seems as if it wasn’t enough for Mayor Tom Henry to plead guilty to the OWI charge. He did everything the law requires in a case like this. He surrendered his driver’s license. Took a Breathalyzer test. Stopped driving while his suspension is in effect.

Yet the busybodies continue to natter away.

“Who pays for the damage?” they ask. Immaterial. Like any other citizen, Henry will have to work that out, most likely with an insurance company. “Who pays for the driver who will be driving him around?” Again, provisions to chauffeur Henry were in place when he became mayor. He chose to save us a little money by driving himself for the past years he was in office.

Some of the questions being asked by local news outlets smack of political ambush.

The thing is, he did more than most people in similar circumstances do. No doubt, many of us have been behind the wheel when we shouldn’t have been. How would we have handled this? If you say you would do what the mayor did, then that’s enough.

Time to move on with this thing.

Edward J. Frank

Fort Wayne

Good time to clean dam

With Anthony Boulevard closed, they must clean and dredge the Maumee River. Also, the dam must be cleaned and cleared of all the tree limbs that have been there for years.

The stench is so bad.

The best solution for Anthony closing is this.

Joe Louis Sablic

Fort Wayne