Many questions remain in party-boat plan

Ask not what your river can do for you; ask what you can do for the good of the river and residential area.

What’s the greatest good for the the greater community? Our Native Americans focused on the seventh generation, not present individual gain. Preserving the quality of the river’s water can be the priority for many, rather than the private interests for profit of a member of a wealthy family.

Just because one has permits and a plan does not make it the right or ethical use of the property. Maybe there should be a referendum to poll the interests of the entire community. However, that would take time and money from the taxpayers.

Who will determine which plants will be removed from the site?

Who in the ’05 community enthusiastically supports this endeavor? How will additional pontoons pollute our river? If there were only sailboats and canoes, there would be less dependence on fossil fuels.

Where is the new proposed stretch of Rivergreenway that will be gifted to the city?

Joni Weber

Fort Wayne

Cleveland musicians offer support for strikers

We would like to extend our support to the musicians of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic.

The city of Fort Wayne has historically supported a number of exceptional cultural institutions. It is imperative that the fine quality of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic be preserved. This can only happen if all current orchestra positions are retained and the musicians are paid a reasonable living wage.

As members of the Cleveland Orchestra, we know too that maintaining a strong trade agreement that adequately protects musicians is equally important to preserving artistic quality.

A thriving resident orchestra provides the citizens of its city with so much more than just symphony orchestra concerts. The orchestra musicians individually teach thousands of hours of music lessons, play countless small ensemble and solo recitals, and enrich their community with the creative knowledge and empathetic awareness they’ve gained from a life of collaborative work in the orchestra.

We have had the pleasure of making music recently with the principal timpanist of your orchestra, Eric Schweikert, proving that your talented musicians are assets not only to your local community but also on the national stage.

The people of Fort Wayne deserve to have a healthy, vibrant, strong orchestra that continues to attract wonderful new musicians and perform at the very highest standards.

Kathleen Collins

for the Cleveland Orchestra Committee

Democrats neglecting nation’s urgent crises

You have Kamala Harris, the vice president and border czar, who’s never been to the border nor done anything meaningful about finding solutions.

You have Joe Biden, the president of the United States, who after watching the Chinese spy balloon meander over the U.S., took days to bother to address the American citizens who just might be concerned.

And now Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, facing the most dangerous train accident in recent history, is only now going to Ohio.

Don’t care? Or just can’t be bothered?

Bruce Cynar