Bon Appetit often features the world’s most creative and luxurious cuisine. However, a recent headline hints at the extreme limits of indulgent affluence: “Fancy restaurants for dogs are booming right now.”

“One of San Francisco’s newest tasting menus is also its most exclusive,” begins the Nov. 1-dated online article. “On Sundays only, the popular Dogue patisserie and store serves a seven-course meal featuring high end, chef-prepared small plates.”

Tasting menu: $75. Not bad in a city with high costs and an extraordinary income gap.

On the other coast, New York’s borough of Queens is home to Chateau le Woof, which also caters to dogs and humans. The latter can sip coffee while the former can “wolf down breakfast items like poached eggs and uncured bacon with pumpkin puree or peanut butter and banana pancakes,” Bon Appetit reported.

If this sounds vaguely Victorian, it’s because Victorians similarly pampered their dogs. In 1896, an entrepreneurial woman opened a club for dogs along London’s prestigious Bond Street.

“It was called the Dogs’ Toilet Club and offered many services for the pampered pets of the wealthy and well-to-do, including grooming, pet sitting, veterinary care, and dentistry,” wrote USA Today bestselling author Mimi Matthews in 2016 for her website, “For those who wished to dress their dogs in the latest fashions, there was even a dogs’ tailoress who worked tirelessly to produce the finest in 19th-century canine couture.”

New York and California are two of 11 states where dogs are allowed to dine in restaurants. Illinois and Ohio are the only two Midwestern states on that list.

Pet-friendly accommodation isn’t always about catering to the well-to-do. Local restaurants, pubs, breweries and hotels cater to travelers with pooches, said Visit Fort Wayne’s Kristen Guthrie. Its guide can be read at

“This is definitely something people have asked for,” she said. “We even provide a dog-friendly itinerary for people coming from out of town and for people who live here.”

Humane Fort Wayne also has a list of designated patios where pups and people can enjoy themselves. See the list at

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