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Monday, July 08, 2019 1:06 am

AD remains believer in job Miller's doing

DYLAN SINN | The Journal Gazette

Indiana Athletics Records 2018-19


Baseball: 37-23, 17-7 Big Ten, Big Ten champions, NCAA Tournament regionals

Basketball: 19-16, 8-12, NIT

Cross country: 3rd place Big Ten Championships, 18th NCAA Championships

Football: 5-7, 2-7

Golf: 7th place Big Ten

Soccer: 20-3-1, 8-0-0, Big Ten champions, Big Ten Tournament champions, College Cup semifinals

Swimming and diving: 8-0, 2-0, Big Ten champions, 3rd place NCAA Championships

Tennis: 14-12, 6-5 

Track and field: 2nd place Big Ten, 18th place NCAA Championships

Wrestling: 6-12, 1-8


Basketball: 21-13, 8-10 Big Ten, NCAA Tournament second round

Cross country: 5th place Big Ten Championships, 16th place NCAA Championships

Field hockey: 4-13, 1-7

Golf: 2nd place Big Ten Championship, 21st NCAA Championship

Rowing: 5th place Big Ten Championships, 12th place NCAA Championships

Soccer: 8-8-2, 4-7

Softball: 36-21, 10-13

Swimming and diving: 4-3-1, 1-1, Big Ten champions, 9th place NCAA Championships

Tennis: 16-11, 6-5

Track and field: 2nd place Big Ten Championships, 35th place NCAA Championships

Volleyball: 16-15, 7-13

Water polo: 6-17, 0-6 

After Year 1 of the Archie Miller Era at Indiana, athletic director Fred Glass was bullish on the basketball program's future prospects. He told The Journal Gazette in summer 2018 he considered the rebuild “ahead of schedule.”

When The Journal Gazette spoke with Glass again last week, he remained upbeat about the team's future despite a 19-16 finish in Miller's second season at the helm.

“I think by all accounts, and I'll let you be the first in line on this, last year the season was a disappointment,” Glass said. “We started with great promise and then we had one of the worst droughts I can remember in IU basketball, which was driven by a number of things, I think. But it is what it is.

“Having said that, I would say that in terms of the structure of the program, there were some super-big positives last year.”

Glass went on to mention the recruitment of Romeo Langford and Trayce Jackson-Davis, the first back-to-back Mr. Basketballs at Indiana since Luke Recker and Tom Coverdale in 1997 and '98, as well as citing how much different the season might have been had Jerome Hunter played.

“In terms of the structure of the program and the quality of kids we're getting and laying the table for future success, I think in many ways we're ahead of schedule,” Glass said. “Archie's making good on his commitment to build this thing from the inside-out.”

Those comments were part of an interview Glass did with The Journal Gazette to discuss IU athletics. What follows are his answers, edited for space and clarity, to questions about Indiana's accomplishments in 2018-19.

This is Part 2 of a two-part interview with Glass. To read Part 1, which focuses on Indiana's off-the-field accomplishments in 2018-19, go to

Q. So you're still confident in the future of the men's basketball program?

A. Absolutely, I'm 100% confident in the program going forward. I'm 100% confident that Archie, give him the time he needs to get it going, which is building these classes back to back. And this nonsense from trolls about, you have to be somewhere after two or three years, I think is silly.

“Now, I love the passion of our fans. You can't have people standing around three blocks to go to an NIT game and stand in line forever to get autographs from 18-year-old kids on the positive side, without some of the challenges of people being impatient. And I get it. I grew up with Indiana basketball, I want it to be back to where we've been before.

“Again, I know some people don't want to hear it, but I think we were in a very serious rebuild when Archie got here, and we're working ourselves out of that. I think he's the kind of guy who's going to be one of our most iconic coaches and have a very long and successful career at Indiana.”

Q. How impressed are you by the job Teri Moren has done in building the women's basketball program?

A. (The job she's done) has been magical, it's been unprecedented. We've only been to the NCAA Tournament six times, (two) under Teri. She's had four straight 20-win seasons. She recently signed a Miss Basketball (Jorie Allen of Bedford North Lawrence). It's kind of a cool thing when you look at our men's and women's programs together, I think the last time we had men's and women's Mr. and Miss Basketball was 20, 30 years ago, something crazy like that (Editor's note: the last time was 1987, with Lyndon Jones of Marion and Lori Meinerding of Northrop).

“Teri's doing a fantastic job and I'm very pleased. I think there's some energy to be built from the men's and women's programs having success together.”

Q. Do you think baseball can be a consistent Big Ten contender going forward?

A. “Yeah I do. Six NCAA invitations in seven years. ... We've had a string of successful coaches, from Tracy (Smith) to Chris (Lemonis) now to Jeff (Mercer). I think notwithstanding Michigan's wonderful run, which I think is great for Big Ten baseball, I think we can lay claim to being the strongest program in the Big Ten. We've led on that, we built Kaufman Field, we hired quality coaches, we focused on baseball.

“We intend to stay on our perch, continue the NCAA Tournament appearances, go deeper in the field and get back to Omaha.”

Q. Swimmer Lilly King won both the 100-meter and 200-meter NCAA championships four years in a row and was an Olympic gold medalist in 2016. What has been it like to have her on campus for the last four years?

A. “I told people, we're in the presence of greatness. She's just a very humble, accessible, available kid and I'm like, 'You guys, we're in the presence of greatness. This is what it's like going to school with Mark Spitz.' She was just unbelievable. I tried to soak in every bit of it. She's a great, great young woman. And she's a great teammate.

“We won our first Big Ten championship in women's swimming and diving since 2011, we had a program-record fifth consecutive top 10 finish at the NCAA Championships. Obviously, Lilly was a really big part of that. She established a new Big Ten record for individual NCAA titles and the list goes on and on. So we were in the presence of greatness for sure.”