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Sunday, May 15, 2022 1:00 am


Turnstone teams get sled hockey, soccer victories

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The Turnstone Flyers sled hockey and power soccer teams each celebrated some big wins after their April 22-24 competitions.

For the 10th straight season, the Turnstone Flyers sled hockey team (16-12-2) made it to the final four during national competition weekend in Philadelphia

Elliott Mohre led the team with 55 points and 37 goals followed by Cai Davis with 35 points and 22 goals. John Pfeiffer led the team with 24 assists while adding three goals. Kevin Hughes had 23 assists and five goals. Rookie Allison Parker was fifth on the team with 12 points and three goals. In his third season, Randy Mohre was fifth on the team in assists with 11 and added a goal. Tanner Pfeiffer had a career-high nine points and three goals. Peter Mitchell also set a career mark with three goals while also adding five assists. Robert Walters scored both his first goal and added his first assist.

Goaltenders Noel Klein went 9-11-2 with two shutouts. Skylar Osborn went 7-1 with two shutouts and two shootout victories.

Turnstone's Premier Cup soccer team (3-5-1) wrapped up the annual weekend by going 2-3 with their final game being a 4-0 victory over the GLASA Fire from Chicago.

David Dowling led the team with eight points while Danil Vorndran led with six goals. Tiffany Labas took control in net as Derek Sellers got more comfortable playing with the top-tier team, and Autry Keener played his first games after being off a few years.

Migratory bird hunting seasons announced

Indiana's migratory bird hunting seasons for 2022-23 have been submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These seasons include those for mourning doves, waterfowl (ducks, coots, mergansers, geese), woodcock, snipe, and sora rails. The seasons run from September through December.

The daily bag limit for all dark geese (i.e., Canada geese, white-fronted geese and brant) in the aggregate is five, with no other limitations by species, meaning hunters can harvest any amount of each species if the total does not exceed five for the season. This may include five Canada geese during the entire season. The daily bag limit for light geese (snow and Ross's geese) remains 20.

There are no changes in duck bag limits. This includes the scaup daily bag limit, which is one during the first 15 days of the season and two for the rest of the season.

Spongy moth treatments slated to begin soon

Aerial treatments to slow the spread of spongy moth, which used to be called gypsy moth, could begin this week in areas of Marshall, Noble and LaPorte counties, weather permitting.

Spongy moth is one of North America's most devastating invasive forest pests.

The treatment, conducted by DNR's Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology and Division of Forestry, begins shortly after sunrise but could be delayed until later in the morning or the next day due to unfavorable weather such as morning fog or rain. Treatment should take about an hour.

The airplane distributes a spray containing the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki, referred to as Btk, into the treetops of infested areas where spongy moth caterpillars feed on tree leaves. Btk kills spongy moth caterpillars by disrupting their digestive systems after they ingest it.

Btk has been used for decades by organic gardeners and does not adversely affect people or animals. People who live or work near the treatment areas might want to stay inside when the planes are flying and for about 30 minutes after treatments are completed. This gives the material time to settle out of the air and stick to treetops.

For more information on Btk, call toll-free at 1-866-NO-EXOTIC (663-9684) or the county extension office.

To determine if your property is in the treatment areas, to view maps of all treatment locations or for more information about spongy moth, go to

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